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Podium ASEAN


Index Value Change Change (%)
Spain (Madrid IBEX 35) 11,705.90 +89.90 closed
Singapore (STI) 2,812.06 +12.52 +0.44
FTSE ASEAN (14/12) 419.80 -0.40 closed
FTSE ASEAN 40 (14/12) 8,137.33 -3.81 closed
Indonesia (JSX) 2,500.97 -18.13 closed
Malaysia (KLCI) 1,264.52 -0.93 -0.07
Philippines (PSE) 3,045.21 +3.11 +0.10
Thailand (SET) 711.00 +7.36 closed
Vietnam (HOSE) 458.39 +14.23 closed
Closing Values when markets are closed.
Info updated every 60 minutes.


ECB and OECD observe the first signs of economic recovery in Europe / Expansión

Situation improving, but road bumps ahead / The Business Times

ASEAN Secretary General to Visit New Zealand / NZ Government

Bank Indonesia keeps rate unchanged in threat of inflation / The Jakarta Post

Banks set to pay higher dividends in 2010 / The Business Times

President Arroyo said she is confident the Philippines is poised for “solid recovery” / Business Mirror

Govt to spend B100bn in next 3 months / Bangkok Post

Commercial banks have been warned of possible rising bad debts / Economic Times

Books & Articles

  1. Currency and Contest in East Asia: The Great Power Politics of Financial Regionalism
    BY WILLIAM W. GRIMES. Cornell University Press, 2008, 264 pp. $39.95

    Description of the negotiations carried out by ASEAN countries after the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis to improve liquidity as well as the rising challenge of the renminbi to the dollar.

  2. How East Asians View Democracy
    EDITED BY YUN-HAN CHU, LARRY DIAMOND, ANDREW J. NATHAN, AND DOH CHULL SHIN. Columbia University Press, 2008, 328 pp. $50.00 (paper $26.50)

    Book on the influence of culture on commitment to democracy and the rule of law, that stresses the relatively strong support of democratic values by East Asians.

  3. The Battle for Thailand. Can Democracy Survive?
    BY BERTIL LINTNER. Foreign Affairs No. 4 July/August 2009, pp.108-118, $9.95

    “Thailand can ill afford more turmoil as it begins to feel the effects of the global meltdown”

  4. Security Quandary in Southeast Asia
    ASEAN Affairs July/August 2009, pp.64-65, $6.95

    “Pyongyang and Yangon are conspiring to create a security quandary in southeast Asia”.

  5. Who Can Run Indonesia Inc.?
    BY WIM TANGKILISAN, Globe Asia September 2009, pp.12 &14.

    “It is indeed a crime that of the 133 SOEs [State-Owned Enterprises] in the country, barely 30 can boast profits”.


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